Kona Core Pilates & Massage

A holistic well-rounded approach to help you overcome pain


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Why do sessions with us?

Backed by certified massage therapist with 30 plus years of education and practice specializing in pain and stress reduction.

  • Reduce stress.
  • Get in shape.
  • Improve balance and flexibility.
  • Enjoyable pilates experience.
  • Bring deep peace and relaxation.
  • Pleasant and clean environment.


Hi, I’m Regina Cristino, massage therapist.

Medically trained massage therapist. Specifically trained in injury and recovery. The 30 plus years of education and practice has created a master in my chosen vocation. Specializing in pain and stress reduction in the body using massage and Pilates. Between these two modalities the results are sometimes immediate But whether immediate or over a series of treatments and sessions using Pilates, the transformation is long lasting if not permanent.

What our happy clients say